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Our Story

Tired of the hefty price tags attached to in-office teeth whitening treatments? We embarked on a journey with dental and oral hygiene experts, determined to revolutionise the teeth whitening game.

Why Oxford White

✨ Fast Results, Big Savings:

Banish the frustration of expensive dental visits. Oxford White’s DIY treatments are designed to provide rapid, professional-grade results without breaking the bank. Witness the transformation of your smile at a fraction of the cost!

🌟 PAP Formula

Say goodbye to traditional peroxide treatments! Oxford White harnesses the power of PAP, a synthetic organic peroxy acid renowned as a top-tier bleaching activator. Why settle for less when you can have a formula that works wonders without compromising enamel health?

🦷 Gentle on Sensitive Teeth, Secure on Strips

Oxford White understands the struggles of sensitive teeth. Our PAP formula is a game changer, it whitens effectively without causing irritation, making it the perfect solution for those with sensitivity concerns. Paired with our advanced dry seal technology, these strips mould seamlessly to the contours of your teeth, ensuring a secure grip without slipping or sliding.

👄 Next-Level Whitening

Experience gentle teeth whitening without any gum irritation. Oxford White's dry strips aren't just good, they're exceptional. Our cutting-edge formula can erase up to ten years of stubborn, set-in stains, from coffee and smoking to red wine and more. Your brighter, whiter smile is just a strip away! Our whitening solution is specially formulated to be gentle on your teeth and gums, ensuring a comfortable and pain-free experience.


Our Mission

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How does our Flourishing Finish work?

Rest easy knowing that our teeth whitening procedure is endorsed by dentists. Our product has been developed and recommended by dental professionals, ensuring both safety and effectiveness in achieving a whiter, healthier smile.

What is PAP?

PAP stands as the cornerstone of our advanced formula, replacing traditional peroxide treatments with a gentle yet potent bleaching activator. What sets PAP apart is its commitment to preserving enamel health, making it a game-changer for those with sensitive teeth.